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iAMBIC knows the stories to pitch and how to get attention. In fact, we’ve received client referrals from journalists.

If you’d like to raise your profile or the profile of your company, products or services – let’s talk.

We’ve been told that our gift at iAMBIC Communications is in finding the most significant facts of your business and conveying them in a way that gets results. We can help you define your key messages and target the media outlets that are most important to meeting your goals.

As experienced communicators, we have a keen sense of the story hook that will get your company noticed. We understand which stories work and how and where and when to place them for maximum impact.


Media Strategy

iAMBIC can craft a media campaign and select targets to reach your audience. We help you determine the key messages you want to convey to the media and your audience. We can coach you on your delivery.

Media Releases

iAMBIC’s team provides inside knowledge to deliver the stories the media is looking for. Our effective media releases get results in national newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and online.

Media Training

iAMBIC can arrange for media training to make you comfortable in the high-stress interview environment when time is at a premium. You will receive coaching on your delivery and prepare for the unexpected when you’re on the spot in an interview.